Cutting Carbon II

Yesterday I checked all my sockets again. I usually take care not to leave appliances in standby mode. The cheaper the appliance, the higher the risk it burns several watt 24h a day just in order to receive a wake-up call from a remote control once per day. I use power strips with switches to conveniently turn on my stereo or my computer equipment. It is really not that hard to walk up to the equipment once a day instead of pressing a button on the remote control (besides, my amplifier was built before Joe Sixpack could afford remote controls). However, scrutiny revealed that I had plugged in the transformer of a desk lamp into a power strip that was not switched off by the main computer equipment strip. As transformers consume some energy even if the secondary circuit (the lamp in this case) is switched off, I was accidentally burning a few watt for nothing. The same happened with a small transistor radio. To avoid using rechargeable batteries I used a small ac/dc power supply, but this was also directly plugged into a socket.

Now I can switch off the transformers of both the lamp and the radio. I doubt that I'll see an influence on my bills, but doing it this way certainly doesn't hurt. There's nothing like this warm fuzzy feeling of cutting your carbon emissions...especially if it boils down to using the proper socket.


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