August 16, 2010 - Markus Hoenicka
From a recruiting poster of the Japanese fast food chain MOS Burger, seen in Singapore:

"Housewives, students, retirees, and Malaysians welcome"

It is interesting though that the latter are missing in their job opportunities page on the web:

Pope peeves

August 14, 2006 - Markus Hoenicka
The German Federal Government has just announced at the International AIDS conference in Toronto that it is going to spend an additional 100 Million Euro (approx. 130 Million US Dollar) on AIDS prevention and treatment. Currently 65 Million people are affected by the disease, with an additional 11000 estimated to be infected every day.
At the same time, Germany is about to spend an estimated 150 Million Euro (approx. 190 Million US Dollar) for a single elderly man to visit Germany for a couple of days. This person is known to be one of the most outspoken opponents of any reasonable program to prevent AIDS infections.