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Operating system archaeology

Februar 25, 2007 - Markus Hoenicka
I received a computer the other day which I was supposed to set up for my kids, mostly for educational software (they're not yet in the ego-shooter age, fortunately). It was a Celeron 366MHz with a 6.8GB hard drive and 64MB of RAM. This was apparently a decent computer at the beginning of this millennium.

I was told not to use some Linux (which would probably run decently on that old box) but to reinstall Win98, as most of the educational software out there (mostly on CD-ROM) requires a Windows box or a Mac. As I wouldn't have to work on that box anyway, I agreed.

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Trying to solve the *ONE* XML PITA

Februar 20, 2007 - Markus Hoenicka
My favourite gripe with XML is that you can't reasonably print it. Laugh at me if you want: the SGML toolchain (Emacs, PSGML, openjade) is still my favourite way of publishing DocBook documents for a simple reason: it delivers word processor output. Not that I like word processors, but most publishers in the biomedical field expect submitted manuscripts in M$ Word format - offering them a FOP-formatted PDF document won't do me any good. openjade generates RTF (among other formats) for direct consumption, or you use OpenOffice to convert it to M$ Word .doc files. There used to be tools that generate RTF from XML, but either they were non-free, or they didn't work. Today I gave a different approach a try: convert DocBook to OpenDocument Format. To make things a little harder, I attempted to do this on my office computer, which much to my regret runs Windows XP. As mentioned previously, it runs the Cygwin tools to maintain a certain level of sanity.

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